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Genuine and honest feedback is the most valuable gift you can give.

Our goal at Wright Moore Coaching and Consulting is to ensure that everyone we work with feels 100% satisfied with their results and that our services are delivering high quality outcomes. 


If you are considering signing up for a coaching program or if you are interested in consultancy, media or speaking services, we encourage you to read our reviews in first instance so you can get a feel for what we offer.

If you have received our services, we would also love to hear your thoughts and would be grateful if you could take the time to kindly complete our Feedback Form.

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Reviews: Testimonials

My sessions with Alex have helped me to make a complete transformation in my life and I am so grateful. My situation is much improved and I believe these changes have flowed from the positive practices and beliefs I have engineered within. I don't think I would have gotten to this place, but for all of the internal work I have done and my sessions with Alex on mindset and energy, plus putting into practice Alex's recommended strategies. Our work together has given me the power to make a series of very important changes in my world... and over the last few weeks, I have realised that these changes have had a life-changing impact.

Jacqui Adcock 

Alex is a brilliant, empowering and effective coach who pours 200% into every effort she makes. Her genuine encouragement, perceptiveness and solutions-focus instigate meaningful change. Alex has helped spur major personal change for me and her contribution to my quality of life has been invaluable. Additionally, Alex’s gorgeous characteristics and effervescence make for excellent company and her commitment and compassion inspire. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone interested in improving their quality of life and seeing results in whatever they set out to achieve.

Genevra Donne
Snr Director, Public Service

I sincerely appreciate the time Alex spent working with me to review my career goals and the recommended strategies she posed for achieving them. Alex's advice was very helpful and gave me a new perspective on available opportunities. After my sessions with Alex I was successful in achieving my goal of securing a legal clerkship at Kingwood and Mallesons and I firmly believe it was a result of working with Alex that I was able to successfully secure an offer.  Alex provided me more support than I could have ever imagined from a mentor and coach.

Joanne Wu 
President, UTS Women in Business

I had the pleasure of having Alex as my mentor for a silver coaching program. I was in awe of her communication skills. Her compassion and empathy is second to none. She has given me the tools and guidance to change my road map. She has given me the peace and calmness I have always searched for and never had. Her bubbly personality is one of her best assets. I was so extremely impressed with Alex’s program, that I now have enrolled in yet another program with her. I look forward to the next part of my journey.

Rose Rodwell 

Alex is a strong contributor to an organisation. She did a wonderful job of building the capacity of program managers and case workers within  our organisation. Given a complex problem, she has a rare and enviable ability to find a simple solution. Our workplace has definitely benefited from her enthusiasm and expertise in staff development.

Fifi Rashando
Life Without Barriers NSW

Alex does not sit on the sidelines. I worked with her during my time at Young UN Women Australia and was constantly inspired by her dedication and enthusiasm. If Alex is on your side, you know she'll be there giving it her all, 100% of the time.

Grace Palos 
Young UN Women Australia

I recently finished my silver mentoring program with Alex. I feel emotionally energised. Alex is warm, caring and compassionate. She has given me the tools to deal with some areas if my life that were hampering me to live a more balanced and fulfilling life. Alex has also given me some excellent problem-solving skills. I look forward to completing another program! Thank you Alex for your time and care.

Luce Marie-Rose

Alex has, and continues to be, someone who inspires me as a mentor to me. Her passion for human rights, paired with strong leadership skills are used in a way which is diligent and responsible. Her ability to form strong relationships and support individuals and teams inspires me to strive for excellence and achieve outcomes.

Jessica Ng
Director, Public Service

Alex's warm humanitarian spirit and inspiring attitude is an indispensable force to be reckoned with. Her style of leading and aligning individuals from various cultural backgrounds, alongside her motivating capacity-building dynamics, through supporting and empowering individuals, makes her services an asset.

Jessica Kastoun
Refugee Advice and Casework Service

Alex is the type of leader that inspires groups and individuals to actively chase their achievements. I felt supported and motivated during the time that we worked together. I still boast about Alex and have attempted to model my professionalism and leadership on the attributes I saw in Alex. Her determination and commitment to advocate for human rights is unrivalled.

Amne Alrifai 
Young UN Women Australia

Alex has been my mentor and I have found her to be supportive during my work as an intern for the UN. She has encouraged me to take initiative and develop my professional competencies. Alex has also been consistent in providing valuable constructive feedback and strategic inputs and direction.

Robin Van Oene
United Nations Relief and Works Agency


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I loved Alex's masterclass. It helped me to release deep down grief. I am forever grateful as I feel so much better in myself. The experience was transformational for me in helping me to feel more comfortable in myself.

- Tracey. T, Participant


"I absolutely looovveee your latest article! I love how you write in a way that is so easy to follow and the links are so interesting. I have forwarded this column to all of my colleagues at work and I can’t wait to read the next one."

- Bec

"100% agree with the part where you talk about boundaries. For me this was so reinforcing and validating. Thanks so much. I needed to read this today."

- Sally

"Thank you so much for sharing this article. I honestly gleaned so much from this piece... It made me think about how I can engage all of my baby daughter’s senses in everything she does, as well as thinking of how I engage my senses too!"

- Salma

"I think you have helped many people with this publication and sharing of resources. I am very happy to have discovered Nir. In just a few weeks, my life has transformed from his Masterclass. Thanks for paying forward the link."

- Gen

"I love your article! So many pearls of wisdom to help people in these difficult times. Amazing work!"


- Sharon

"A great article Alex! Sometimes it’s just as simple as recognising those values and living by them. Thank you."

- Kate

"Reading your last column was like finding a good choc chip cookie and discovering there are far more choc chips inside than you ever imagined possible… Inspiring and delicious! Plus (unlike cookies) your column is good for me! Win-win."

- Kelly

"This is such a powerful tool. It has something that everybody needs. Perfect for this time of year and with all that has happened with COVID. Thank you."

- Luce

"Wow. This was such an interesting read with some great resources and practical techniques. It is great to  know I have the power to shift negative patterns and create a life of my own choosing."

- Anika

"As someone who has experienced trauma you have helped me see that I am not broken and I really do have the power to change my life with small steps. Thank you very, very much."


- Bron

"I love your writing style. So clear and with heart and empathy. You transport me into your world! There are so many good things to think about. Thank you."

- Nishi

"I just read your column!! LOVED IT. Seeped in much wisdom. There is a world of strength inside of us, but some days we can use a reminder that there are many supports out there that we can draw upon to help ourselves."

- Alicia

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