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I'm a holistic results coach and I'm passionate about facilitating meaningful transformations that enable women to achieve their goals and reach a deeper understanding of themselves through growth, development, self-actualisation and expansion.

Born and raised in multicultural South Western Sydney by parents of Franco-Mauritian and Australian origin, I was educated in the public school system, prior to receiving scholarships to study abroad in Europe and Scandinavia throughout my university years. Eight and half years of study later, I graduated with a couple of new languages, a few degrees and a fascination for understanding human development.

My desire to work in the humanitarian arena initially saw me employed in local government, civic and not-for-profit sectors - but eventually culminated in my dream career as a human rights solicitor with the United Nations thanks to a lot of hard work and the support of some great mentors and coaches. 


Deployed in Jordan at the frontline of the Syrian refugee crisis, this work provided a solid foundation for a diverse executive management career working in state and federal public service agencies in Australia. But closer to my heart, it lit a fire within me to work with others to realise the highest potential of their lives.

Throughout most of my professional life I have been coaching and mentoring individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals, whilst simultaneously working to achieve my own. This path has seen me live my passion and become an advocate for holistic results coaching, heart-centred mind+body energetic healing methodologies, and nuanced approaches to personal and professional development in a world where womankind continue to be represented by all the wrong statistics. 

I live and work for a world where positive change for women is not only possible, but inevitable - working with women to foster a greater sense of community, connection, and confidence in their lives.

My legal and human rights career in international conflict zones relied upon a practiced ability to adapt, absorb and act with decision, respect and compassion when it truly matters most: when communities are overwhelmed by conflict or uncertainty, when the stakes are high, when our footsteps are unsure or when we simply fear there is a lot to lose. These skills continue to serve me well in both work and life and I trust they will serve you too.  Since 2021, I have also worked as an intuitive energy practitioner after discovering intuitive modalities to be a powerful aid in supporting others to heal and transform their lives.

Like all humans, throughout the years I too have experienced my own set of challenges... and these instances have required me to peel back the layers, heal, do 'the work' and begin again - or simply walk through the fire to the other side of tomorrow. This being the case, should we work together, you can expect to be working with someone who believes in checking ego and judgement at the door, in favour of asking meaningful questions and having authentic conversations about what truly matters most in times when we feel vulnerable. 

In addition to working with professionals in government and business settings, my experience working with indigenous, refugee and migrant communities, domestic and family violence survivors and child survivors of sexual abuse has provided me with a real understanding of what it takes to rebuild and reshape one's life following trauma and hardship. My personal journey navigating endometriosis, miscarriage and IVF on the road to creating a family has also enabled me to appreciate the challenges for women navigating illness, grief and infertility in the modern age.

I currently am based just outside of Canberra and provide online coaching and consulting services around the world, so don't let geography stop you from reaching out. I also work as a public servant and freelance writer with a keen interest in writing about subjects which require us to be raw, real and vulnerable about who we really are, what we struggle with and how we make the most of the opportunities we have.

On my days off the clock, you will find me enjoying some of my other passions in life, namely - hiking in nature, exploring new places, foraging in the garden, trying to convince my husband that gelato is 'any time of the day food' or relaxing with friends, family, our little bub and our lovable (but very mischievous) cats, Diego and Raffles.

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